Landscape Architecture

Lanscape Architecture

The Beechwood Design Process

Landscape Architecture is the collective design of landforms, plant material, buildings, paving materials, space, and water. Landscape Architects are educated and trained to solve problems with exterior spaces, circulation, spatial relationship with a thorough understanding of all elements that may affect the final design. Through careful planning and development, the true success of an outdoor space depends on the thoughtful and sensitive combination of all design elements.

Design Process

A truly successful project will be thoughtfully executed through a design process. Depending on the scope of the project, the design process will constantly vary and change. Why have a design process? The process provides a logical, organized framework for creating a design solution. Secondly, it will insure that the solution evolves and is consistent with the client’s desires and budget. Thirdly, it will maximize the best us of the property and space. Finally, it serves as a basis for explaining and rationalizing the best possible solution to the client. The process is a collaboration and overlap of ideas. No one aspect of the process occurs independently.

The design process is a framework and or outline of steps that occur simultaneously. The success of the process relies upon the designer’s observation, and the willingness of the client to be an integral part of the design. If the process is carefully thought through, the designer will continuously question all decisions to insure a successful project.

Beechwood Landscape Architecture And Construction is committed to a complete and thorough understanding of a clients needs and objectives. Our professional team of Landscape Architects, Nurserymen, and Horticulturists will carefully prepare a design solution that enhances your quality of living. We are confident that once the process is complete, your property will be a personalized landscape that expresses your individualism and taste for life.